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Paddington Philatelics - UK Traders of Commonwealth, Europe and World Stamps

About Us

As a collector of fine stamps in "unmounted" and "very fine used" condition myself, I have created Paddington Philatelics to enable me to offer fellow collectors a range of high quality stamps from across the world, with the accent being on British Commonwealth issues.

This venture is an extension of my hobby and because I do not have to rely upon the profits from it for my living, I am able to offer material at very competitive prices because I can afford to operate with low margins.

All the stamps I have on offer are either duplicates or surplus items from my own collection or nice items I have specifically bought with re-selling in mind. Therefore, I will have paid a fair price myself for those items to obtain the quality I desire to either offer fellow collectors or place in my own collection. The vast majority of items on offer are either U/M or VFU, although there are some better F/U and L/M items, particularly earlier material that is extremely rare in unmounted condition, but they are clearly listed as such.

Whilst I trust you can obtain a good impression of all the items on offer by viewing the enlarged pictures, I have endeavoured to give as accurate a description of the stamps as possible and included comments on any minor defects, however trivial they may seem. Naturally, any stamps you may purchase that you are not subsequently happy with I will gladly refund you for their return.

It would give me great satisfaction to help other collectors complete part sets or obtain nice quality single items and achieve as much enjoyment as I have over the years building my own collection to hand down to the grandchildren !


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